Friday, January 15, 2010

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports is delightful. Seemingly all my friends who play fantasy sports can be found on Yahoo! as well. I'm loyal -- the insight is top notch; the drafting process, effortless; the features, plentiful. Changing sites has never crossed my mind.

Early winter, fellow commenter, Trigga Play, suggested a dozen of us give Fantasy Football on a shot. I wasn't opposed.

The draft: troublesome. Picks that were made would suddenly disappear from the existing list. You would have to refresh the draft room entirely to see who went the last round. This was frustrating. Beyond that, the chat was acting up and when I first entered the room, I was lost. "Where's the damn chat function?" I would wonder. Eventually the chat function fixed itself but the pick log was still a mess.

The concept: simple. We started in Week 11. Not sure Yahoo! even offers league start-ups in Week 11 (and rightfully so, if they don't), but the league ranges until Week 17. Each team gets roughly 20 players and the highest scoring players at each position will be counted. The way our settings were laid out, you'd have to "play" one QB, two RB, three WR, two RB/WR, one TE, one PK. Of course, you'll exceed that those numbers in picks so you can carry five RBs, for example. But only the top 4 in scoring will be counted.

The strategy: be resourceful. Carry two QBs. No need for more than three PK. Depending your strength at TE (I was weak), consider carrying three (Watson, Heath Miller, Zach Miller -- My squad's name aptly titled, "What does GREATNESS taste like? Miller Lite" ... it finished second). What you direct your attention to is the voids at RB and WR since you can play seven starts - your best seven starts.

Observations: I really like the concept: taking the best overall contributors of that week. The whole not-making-any-transactions-whatsoever setting was foreign to me, though. No trades, no adds, no drops (so Braylon Edwards was excluded from the draft list entirely).

Final thoughts: the final standings was shockingly close. Four teams, six points within each other. If you're playing for Week 17, draft accordingly. If you start drafting mid-season, scoop up players with remarkably high potential in that final week. Or avoid Wes Welker because he'll end you in Week 17. Damn it.

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